What is Zorts?  I’m glad you asked.

Zorts is a project, that someday will result in a computer game.  Some gamers would wonder why I don’t call it a computer game right now.  That is an often overlooked distinction and important because it’s not a computer game until someone can actually play it.  Until then it’s a glorified pile of papers, and a dedicated group of people who from some unknown reason are doing what I say.  Maybe I’m really persuasive.  Or it may have something to do with the fact that they all wanted to do something similar anyway…
Some gamers would immediately try and call what I’m doing a ‘company’.  It is a company in the old English sense of the word, but it is doubtful that anyone shares my interest in the most outdated definition possible.  It is equally important to realize that it is not a business venture.  We have taken great pains, while forming this team that there is no expectation of employment or monetary compensation.  If we make a terrible game, we can’t really expect anyone to pay for it.
As a business student it is my goal to return some value from the game if at all possible.  That may not include money.  We may give the game away.  Internally we refer to it as a ‘resume piece’.  We are making a game to show that we can make a game.  The most likely result is that we make something that we can bring to companies and present as a reason to hire us.  A demonstration that we not only can we have ideas, and build a project around them, but actually produce something.
Scott MacMillian is keen on pointing out that not everyone has to try and build a company to make a computer game.  Starting a company is a loosing proposition.  You start out with some number of dollars and watch as that number decreases steadily.  Then you come to a point where you have to ask for the people who gave you money to give you more.  Business Case studies are filled with examples of this.  The one that comes to mind readily is E-Ink.  That company almost never happened.  Now they are in every ebook reader made (except the color ones).  Most companies fail.  Its important to remember that.
“So where do you see yourself in 5 years?”  I see myself pursuing a graduate degree at BU (Or Sloan, or Harvard), with the learning and experience from a couple of failed computer games, or failed companies under my belt.  Zorts is my first learning experience.  Expect if to fail.  Expect me to succeed.

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