Many amateur game designer think that you have to hunker down and make a game by keeping it totally under wraps.  After all; game designer will steal your idea, right? There is no possible way that you can make this work.  You have to be a Mensa level coder/artist combo for this to happen.  Even so it’s going to take a lot of work and luck (good decision making).

The rest of us mere mortals are going to need a team of people that can help fill in experience that you don’t have.  Personally I am not a coder.  Which is most likely the most important thing I need to fix.  In the mean time I need to create a team enviroment where coding is taken care of by someone else.  For that to happen, you have to reach out to someone about game design.

Cave Johnson says, from the back of my mind: “Can’t make a company in a vacuum. ‘Cause there’s no air in a vacuum and you’d die.”  Been watching a the Portal 2 Blog’s lately.

Cave is right.  You need help. Start talking about games.  You don’t need to directly and baldly state what you want to do.  Just start talking with people.  The Zorts Project never would have started if I had not started talking with people about games.

You also don’t necessarily need to start talking to people about a game.  You could start talking to people who work in area’s that a game is based on.

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