Networking Round 2

Todays round of networking quickly follows yesterdays.  Had an amazing chat with Dave Bisceglia CEO of The Tap Lab.  And I forgot to ask him how to pronounce his name!  Damn.  We chatted about games, games, QR codes, Retail Impulse Purchasing, funding startups, being a start up, our favorite professor at BU… John Meyer (“…” used to emphasize that John Meyer is not our favorite professor at BU).  We talked about the Zorts project and why it is not a company.  Very positive chat and I think a future freind.  It was exactly the kind of conversation I was looking for, both ‘nuts and bolts’ and dreams of what gaming can be.  My lunch with Chris produced a lot more actionable items for the Zorts Project, but then Chris is an amazing project manager so that’s to be expected.  Dave is a CEO who is dealing with funding issues, venture capital companies, finding users…  Two very different conversations, but two very good ones to have.

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