The Ruby Riot

I almost went home when I saw the line for The Ruby Riot.  Riot is not exactly the best description as everyone was polite and orderly.  More like Flash Mob.  A giant mob of people looking to Network with each other and make connections.  Scholars was quickly filled to capacity and became a 1 out, 1 in situation.

Once inside there apparently were some game like rules which could get you free drinks.  There was something about drink tickets anyway.  This almost became secondary and seemed to be abandoned by everyone almost instantaneously.  At some point (9pm ish) there was an announcement that couldn’t be heard.  From the second floor you could actually hear people shouting on the first floor better that you could hear the speaker using the sound system.

There were not too many folks from the Game industry in the crowd, or if they were they were impossible to find.  TapDave was easy to locate (he’s tall), and Sean Lindsey co-founder of Viximo is visually identifiable.  I bumped into both and chatted with them.  Also discussed the game industry with countless people who really know nothing about it.  But all acknowledged that it’s a great industry to be in.  Although they usually have a ‘brother’ or ‘friend’ who is really into gaming.  It felt like networking by proxy.

There was one lead on a possible artist for the Zorts Project.  Was the night worth it?  I felt a bit like a stranger in a strange land.  A little out of my element.  Those folks who know what I talk about were few and far between.  That being said it was also a fun event, and I look forward to more Ruby Riots in the future.  In the end, it was worth it.

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