Feedback is important

When you first read this you might think that ‘Feedback’ means the comments that gamers make about the games they play.  While that kind of user feedback is important, a pre prototype game has a different kind of feedback that is also important.  Lets clarify that the kind of feedback that we’re talking about is internal, not external.  I don’t that was made clear enough in my last post, so here is a mini post to clear it up.

Projects have internal feedback.  As a project manager/creative lead an individual may not know exactly what’s going on at all moments. Without knowing whats going on you have no way to track the progress of the project. You cant determine if you are on track or not.

How do you get good feedback from team members?  The best way to get good feedback is to break a project down into deliverable chunks.  Those chunks become the feedback.  Milestones are feedback.  This part becomes more obvious when you start applying basic project management concepts.

Another great way to get feedback from a project is face to face time. Our project is holding monthly meetings, and also as we’re all friends to begin with we tend to meet weekly over Magners at our favorite watering hole.  You’re project may not work exactly like that, but don’t forget that a project needs internal feedback, which can be deliverables and face to face.

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