Robots Love Ice Cream give away contest.

Having supported the Kickstarter page for Robots Love Ice Cream, I get a free copy of the game.  Unfortunately for me, I do not have an iOS device yet.  Fortunately for you, that means I can give it away to one of my readers.  Within the next four days some form of contest will be devised…

If the Kickstarter isn’t funded then of course I won’t have a game to give…  So you might want to donate something to the project because if it is funded then you can get a free copy!  You could donate just $5, and still win a copy of the game!  Or you could support the project and get a copy of the game.  Either way a great looking project gets support.

I have four days to devise some way of giving out my rights to a copy of the game to one of my followers or to someone who makes a thoughtful comment on one of my blog posts by the 30th.  You should comment or follow today.  If you can’t think of anything to post, then maybe you could suggest some random way to determine who gets my copy.

While you’re being generous, if you really wanted to you could buy me an iPad…  What?  Just saying!

*** Edit ***
I have doubled down on my pledge.  So now you get the game and the soundtrack.  You get my entire donation package as long as you leave a comment or are a follower of my blog.  There is just 11 hours left on the kickstarter page and just under $6000 left to go.  If you dream of creating games someday, or you know how hard game design is, please consider donating at least $5.

If you subscribe via RSS, I have no way of knowing who you are.  Follower via blogger, I can see.  So please leave a comment somewhere on the blog to have a chance to win a copy of Robots Love Ice Cream!

Thank you!

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