Desktop Dungeons on Core Elements

The first Episode of Core Elements suggested that we check out a game called Desktop Dungeons.  It was a great suggestion.  Core Elements #2 is out today and they are talking with Danny Day of QCF Design, the creators of DD!

The game is challenging and routinely kicks my ass.  Check out the free alpha version of the game.  It is definitely worth it.  Reminiscent of Nethack, Castle of the Winds, DD is a great game to play a few minutes at a time.  The graphics and game play are simple.  Like any great indie game they feel a bit retro.  The changes and updates are well worth following because they definitely have great ideas for the game.

Talking the business side of things for a moment.  The company is following in the footsteps of Mojang, by releasing the Alpha for free.   This is my absolute favorite method of building buzz for a game.  Then follow up with a graduated pay scale for Beta and Full Release.  If you get in early you have a feeling of being ‘in the club’.  And the discounted price is nice as well.  This works really well as long as there is a commitment to updating and expanding the game over time.  Any company that attempts this, but doesn’t keep the ‘long tail’ is doomed to get a bad name.  Considering all the news coming out of QCF about graphic changes, gameplay  updates, and additions it looks to me like they are doing it right!  Good job guys, keep updating this great game!

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