The Adwords Experiment: Week 3

The Adwords Experiment is up to week 3! Actually going through this process has taught me a lot about using Adwords.  If you are going to run an adwords campaign that uses many low competition keywords, you have to create an ad group for each keyword.  Ads must have the keyword in the text of the ad.  Learning how to do this is like learning how to walk.  Clever bidding is like learning how to run.  The first two weeks of this experiment was definitely running before walking.

At the end of the third week we see stats that are pretty close to the first two.  Something is not right, so more drastic changes need to be made.  In week 2 we started seeing Adgroups increasing the effectiveness of each ad…  But at the end of Week 3 going into Week 4 its time for a complete overhaul.

During weeks 1 and 2 more Ads in my campaign were created and polished enough to become ‘eligible’ for inclusion on the results for the keywords in the campaign.  But not many people were seeing them.  And no one was clicking them. The campaign now contains 23 keywords and 19 adgroups which support those keywords.  Ads no longer double up on the keywords, which seemed fine at the beginning of the process.  There are multiple copies of ads in each adgroup if multiple keywords happened to be used in the same ad.

Going forward each Ad Group will have one Keyword.  Even if it has multiple ads.  Operating under the assumption that whatever algorithm Adwords uses is smart enough to use multiple keywords with multiple ads in a single Adgroup is apparently not the case.  So some major time will be spent resorting the Adwords Campaign, and rewriting the rough draft of the guide.  Getting that guide is going to save you so much time.  It will even be better then reading about all these mistakes and corrects as I make them.

Till next week!  Keep Experimenting… Share your results if you have any! Oh and keep an eye out for my ads.

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