Gaming the Market: Where do you learn about this stuff?

So we know that understanding whats happening in the world is important…  Right?  Just like understanding the latest patch notes from Blizzard.  So where do we get the patch notes for the stock market?

We’ve already linked to a great one.  My financial education started there, and its the place that I return to when learning more. The Motely Fool.  Additionally I love the Planet Money Podcast on NPR.  This American Life covered the economic crisis better than anyone else, and spun PMP off from those endeavors.  Around the house WBUR gets streamed almost all the time.  It is the best NPR radio station in the country…  And broadcasts from BU. the various books out there two great books are worth recommending.  Follow the advice from just these two, and you’ll do better than most folks.  If you are a business persona already grab a copy of The Intelligent Investor.  This is basic guide and primer to investing.  It’s like a game guide for the market.  It has both ‘in depth’ and ‘in general’ advice.  The second book I recommend is The Boglehead’s Guide to Investing.  Geared towards folks not as familiar with the stock market, the bond market, and investing in general it would be a really great place to start if you are not as business savy.

The next tip is going to be an analysis of which kind of game the market is and how best to play it.  What do you think?  Is the market more like an FPS?  More like an RTS?  There’s the real answer, and then there’s my answer. Check back for future tips and as always post questions, comments, or follow the RSS.

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