The Cheap Fast Guide to Google Adwords.

The Cheap Fast Guide to Google Adwords has been released!  It’s cheap because you pay with a tweet! It’s fast because it will save you time in creating your first Adwords Campaign.  It also is a bit less spread out then my blog posts, so you will save time learning.

This guide condenses my blog posts on the Adwords Experiment.  It also contains one or two new suggestions that were not mentioned in the posts.  Expect that number to rise over time as the guide will be expanded over time.  The current revision is 1.0, keep checking back to the Guides page for updates.  You will always be able to pay with a tweet.

If you just want to learn about how Adwords works, my guide is the perfect place to get a start because it’s from a beginners perspective.  If you need someone to put the guide into practice, but don’t have time yourself?  I’d be happy to help out with that as well.  I love helping out start up game companies and first game projects, as you may have gathered from the rest of my blog.

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