An interview with the Coordinator of Everything at Harcos Labs

Every company has that person behind the scenes that does it all. There are the innovators, the founders who have the big ideas that turn into products. Most stories focus on those few crazy individuals who have zany ideas. But there are also the unsung hero’s of the business world. The people who come with 1000 great ideas about making a business run. Today we have an interview with just such a person, and she’s a gamer.

Natalie’s official title is “Director of New Business Development” for Harcos Labs. Harcos is the company that creates the Mana Potion and Health Potion Energy drink. I remember when the products first came out, there is such a visceral connection between the product and the games. Branding things for gamers was new

What do you do with Harco’s Labs?  What is your title?
I’m the Coordinator of Everything.  I’m sick of formal titles so I was deemed the lady who handles it all!  I mainly act as a brand manager – I deal with retailers and distributors, talk to sales staff about ways to grow the product, coordinate our marketing activities like Facebook, and assist on new product development.

Do you think that Harco’s is more of a game company, or more of a production company and what forms your opinion?
It is more of a production company.  The products were created by two gamers that came up with the idea for Mana potion.  From that product they created other novelty items.

What types of games do you enjoy playing?  
Ok…don’t laugh but I love Guitar Hero.  I know I really need to get into playing more games and learn the lingo.

How have you seen the business grow during the time you have been there?  
Our business has grown internationally which is exciting to know that we have so many fans around the world.

What excites you most about working at the company?  
It’s exciting to hear from our customers – good or bad.  I like to know the products make them laugh, or disgust them, or give them more energy.  We have a blood product where the packaging is a blood bag.

Is there any exciting news that Harco’s is looking to share with the gaming community?  
Exciting for me…a beverage junkie would be the changing of the mana and health labels so they stand out more.  I feel the words get lost in the color of the product.  We want it to stand out!  Since I don’t know much about the gaming industry we’d like to launch new products that our mana and health fans would like.

What advice would you give to folks looking to get into the games industry (including game related companies)?
Use your creativity and passion to get you through those tough days.

Thanks for being a good sport Natalie!
Thank you.

Harco’s is a great company created by gamers, and run by gamers, which is why I love having them as an affiliate for my blog. You may have seen the blue energy bottle ad banners on my blog. If you are a gamer and like energy drinks you should check them out. Clicking on my affiliate link is a good idea, as you can buy them for wholesale price instead of retail. You’re buying directly from a small company, and helping to support my blog at the same time! Good on you!

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