198+ Game Design Resources

The best way that I can help you get started in game design is to assist in finding resources.  I don’t have all the answers, but I do know where to find some of them.  Occasionally knowing where to get an answer is just as good as knowing the actual answer.  My goal is to provide you with links to 101 game design resources…  Ready?  here goes:

1 – 35.) Joseph Burchett

That one link contains a list of 35 resources for game designers.  I could copy all the links and claim they were my own…  But I won’t do that, because its actually better for you to know Joesph.  He is the host of GameDevRadio.net.  And you should be paying attention to him.

36 – 97.) Learngamedesign.org Has moved to http://gpwiki.org/

This page is still in it’s infancy.  I have even added a few links to coding resources to the Wiki myself, with all these links being added in the future.  The creator of this site has big plans that start with a wiki and end with you learning game design.

98.) Top 50 Game Design Blogs

I’m not sure what being a computer technician has to do with game design blogs.  But hey it’s still a great resource.  Maybe this one should raise the count by 50?  Nah…

99.) Game Development Blogs

Along the same lines as number 98, but with some really esoteric heavy math/coding blogs.  Collision detection is not something that every gamer is going to want to read a blog about…  But a few of you might.

100.) Game Dev Map

Lets say you want to work for an existing game developer and you want to find out where they are.  Here is a comprehensive map of game developers world wide.  This website tends to link to medium large companies.  Scanning the Boston entry I can see a lot of the smaller design houses missing.  So this may not present a complete list.  Searching your local community may be helpful.

101.) Reddit.

No, really.  Reddit is an amazing source of information on games and game design.  If you can get past the attitude and the name calling and the Karma, you can find some really great stuff.

102 – 198+.) Amit’s Game Programming Information

The count stopped at 198.  There are a lot of links on Amit’s page. Mostly geeky and esoteric information, but all interesting nonetheless.  I have not clicked on every link on this site, which is why it’s after the 101 links I promised.  Most of the sources are older, some are even links to the internet wayback machine, but they all have quality information.

I apologize for making you click a link to click a link.  It would have been a lot more impressive to list each link out, and would have taken very little time to make a super impressive wall of links.  BU taught me to cite my sources and a lot of these links are not my own.  It would have been easy for me to make it look like I had found them all on my own.  There is, however, a big problem with listing 101 links on one page.  They can become overwhelming very quickly.  So take them in bit sized chunks.  Need more?  Check out these podcasts.

8 thoughts on “198+ Game Design Resources

  1. Awesome resources! I'm gonna incorporate the ones I didn't already have into learngamedesign.org so that will still be the one link to rule them all, mwahahaha 😉

    Keep up the good work!


  2. I'm honored to be included in this list, especially to be the one who made the the list longer than 101! You made me curious, so I counted — there are approximately 214 links on my page, or 242 if you count differently. 😉 I'm glad other people are making comprehensive game developer resource pages; I've not had the energy for that. Instead I focus on only specific articles/posts that are useful for the games I want to make. Yes, many of the links are old — I've been collecting links for 20 years now! When a resource I found useful goes away, I first look for sites that mirror the content, or a new location for the content, but if I can find neither, I'll point to wayback machine if they have it. This approach might be useful for learngamedesign.org too. Good stuff does disappear from the web 😦


  3. Wow, thanks for commenting! It's a really pleasant surprise.

    Mzo (Devin) has some great plans for learngamedesign.org, and this post was really inspired by his work. I'm sure that he would appreciate any feedback, advice or help if you're interested. It looks like your links are going to be a huge part of the site. I hope you keep following the progress on the site!


  4. Well, I see you're trying to sabotage my attempts at game development by making me spend all my time reading about game development.

    Thanks for putting this together!


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