This game recently came to my attention via Reddit.  You many have seen Lugaru on the Humble Indie Bundle.  Here is a link that is a two for one: a discussion of Overgrowth via Indie Game: The Movie.  The video describes what they have been up to better then I can.

The development team has done a lot of things right during development of Overgrowth.  Check out Wolfire Games and you can read blogs on their opinion of open development.  More than just talking about development of their own games, the blog has ‘design tours‘ of other games.  They discus the game from a development standpoint.  They are really post mortems of other peoples games.  There is much to learn from Wolfire Games, and fortunately they are will to openly share just about anything.  If you are developing your own game, drop them a line.  Ask them a good question and I bet you’ll get an answer.

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