Boston Indies 01/16/2012: Demo Night

Some excellent games making their debut at Boston Indies.

For example:

The Look is fun, and fresh.  Art is done by Luigi Guatieri, a talented new comer to the Boston Scene.  Check out his blog and portfolio.  Unfortunately I did not get to meet or talk with the creator of the game, but the mechanics are really interesting.  There was a deep creativity to the game mechanics.  The pace of the intro and explanation is pitch perfect to have you learning new mechanics, but playing cleaver games at the same time.  It’s quite possible that the game is based on a whole genre of mechanics that I know nothing about, or it’s possible the games creator is just that good.  This game looked like tons of fun.

Also has a new prototype/demo of a game based on New World Colony.  It’s still a work in progress and there are no official statements yet, but it gets under your skin.  Very difficult, but very fun.

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