Weekend Selling Strategy.

Here’s a problem.  Most of my gold is currently locked up in commodities and I’m about to take a vacation for the weekend.  How am I going to move all these goods that I’ve gathered through the week?

I have collected 8 Fiery Brimstone (to experiment with).  Currently they are going for around 83,000 each.  I acquired them for 50,000, each, or less .  One was actually a drop from a Rare salvage!  I would like to double my investment.

I want them to sell near the top of the market, but I don’t know what that is.  I have to place my bets now, because I’ll have no access to D3 until Sunday Night/ Monday Morning.

Most of my auctions are going to be devoted to commodities this weekend.  Two auctions of 8 total Fiery Brimstone.  Another 4 auctions of 200+ total Exquisite Essence.  And maybe one or two of Iridescent Tears to get ride of them.

5 Fiery Brimstone for 100,000 gold each. 3 Fiery Brimstone for 90,000 gold each.  Basically I’m assuming that FB are going to hit 100k at some point this weekend and they will get purchased.  Why that assumption?  Path 1.0.3 decreased the drop rate, and the increased activity over the weekend.  More people can play, so weekends are a good time to sell.

Granted, it’s a total guess on my part about the price going that high.  And we know how well that guessing worked out in the past.  I’ll report back Monday about how it went.

D3 Commodities 6/21/2012

Exquisite Essence: 1935 gold
Iridescent Tear: 214 gold
Fiery Brimstone: 81505 gold
Tome of Black Smithing: 44 gold
Tome of Jewel Crafting: 1087 gold
Tome of Secrets: 530 gold

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