Weekend Selling Report

Just got back from a mini vacation. With a number of Diablo III gold auctions of commodities having completed over the weekend I was excitedly expecting to see some gold waiting or me.

Instead I found 10 items in my auction log. Not one success. Complete and total failure. Could this be dumb luck, or does it prove that you simply cannot ever place a bet over the weekend. Is this proof that you must actively manage selling every single thing you put in the AH? While one try does not prove anything there most likely won’t be many times in the future where I’ll need to make such a bet.

The big problem with the plan is that it violates ‘buy low; sell normal‘. It was a bad idea from the beginning because you have no way of know what ‘normal’ will mean in the future. It would have been better for me to dole out those items over the course of the few days before the weekend before prices rose… I still would have made profit, because all items were acquired well below ‘normal’. It just would not have been as much gold as what I was guessing the weekend high would be.

Live and learn. And listen to Markco.

One thought on “Weekend Selling Report

  1. The Numbers:
    I spent 300,000 gold last week building up 200 Exquisite Essence, 8 Fiery Brimstone. And a few cheap rares, rings, and amulets (none of which sold). The did not sell during the weekend… But I sold all of them an hour ago. I now have over a million gold. Mostly from the Fiery Brimstone as I was only getting 100 gold more then I paid for the Essence. I was hoping for 500+.


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