4 useful Diablo III Apps

Although Blizzard tried for simplicity there is still a lot of complexity in Diablo 3.  Layered simplicity can still be overwhelming.  Add to that ‘the invisible hand of the market’, and you have a recipe for confusion.  App Developers can offer little ways to cut down on the confusion.  Although few have stepped up to the plate and made an app.

At the moment there are 4 apps (only 4) specifically related to the Diablo III Auction House up on the iTunes App store.  Before you plunk down your $.99 (no doubt earned from the RMAH), you want to know what they do and if they are any good. Here is a review of each.

Profit Goblin
Price: Free
What does it do?
Profit Goblin helps you do math. It’s basically a calculator used to convert the cost you place something on the RMAH, and the amount you actually would receive for that item.  This is kinda handy.

Pros: It’s free.  The interface is simple and easy.  Not cluttered, nor hard to use.

Cons: The app is a one trick pony.  It does one calculation.

There are so many other calculations that would be good to see in app format.  For example reverse engineering gem conversion prices.  Or buyout limit calculations.

Bottom Line: Can’t be the price.  Might as well get the app, as this is a calculation frequently done on my phone, so as not to minimize D3.  This seems like the best of a bunch of bad apps.

D3 DPS Tool
Price: $9.99
What does it do?
This app analyses auction purchases through the lens of DPS.  If you make a change to gear in any slot, this app will tell you whether it will increase or decrease the DPS.  Given the price I could not actually download the app and find out if it works, how it works, and whether or not it’s worth getting.

Pros: Have a really good understanding of your DPS.

Cons: Too expensive.  The app developer should really look into increasing their sales, by lowering their price.  There happens to be a D3dps.com, which is rather confusing, as it has a free DPS Calculator.  The two are not related, although they seem to do the same function.  Free vs $9.99…  I’ll leave that decision up to you.

Bottom Line: SKIP IT!  Too expensive for too little benefit.

Auction Assistant for Diablo 3
Price: $.99
What does it do?
This is an alarm.  You set an alarm on your phone to remind you when an auction is going to end in D3.

Pros: Um…  I’m sure this app actually works.

Cons: You can already set alarms with your iOS device.  I have never felt the need to alert myself for the ending of an auction.  Then again there are not that many auctions which are that important to me as I tend to buy and sell commodities.

Bottom Line: Skip it.  Unless you really feel angst about the end of your auctions.

Gold Farm Tracker for Diablo III
Price: $.99
What does it do?
Basically a stopwatch for gold farming runs.  You can input starting gold, then time how long your run was, and ending gold.  The app will then tally your gold per hour.  It will also store this information for future access.  Which means you can figure out if you’re improving over time.

Pros:  Actually tracks useful information.  Even though I am not a gold farmer at heart, I’m considering getting this app to help track and improve my meager ability to farm gold.

Cons: Some users mention an issue when the phone locks.  So disable your lock when using the Tracker.  If you don’t care about your gold per hour, don’t bother.

Bottom Line: This app is worth the money paid.  It offers a useful piece of information, and delivers well.  If you want to track that stat, then get this app.

Right now there are few good apps that can help you with making money in the Diablo 3 Auction House.  If there are any developers, or coders looking to become developers, this might be a good place to cut your teeth.  There is plenty of room for improvement as D3 is a pretty complex game and there could be a market for creating utilities to help clarify things.  Check out what I’m up to on that front and get back to me with feedback!

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