Diablo 3 Commodity App

What am I working on?

My last post was about the VERY few apps in iTunes specifically for the Diablo III Auction House.  By the way, if I missed an important one, post a comment and link to it.  I’ll take a look at it and add it to the list.  There seems to be a great many apps for the perfect build, dps, lore…  But what about tracking all that Auction House Data?

There’s nothing.

It occurred to me that I know iOS developers…  I know how to document a project and set up a wirefame/pretotype…  And I know exactly what information I want to track and how I want to track it.  I am sick of alt tabbing out to an excel spreadsheet.  I want it in my hand.  I want it on my phone!

So I am building an app.  It’s an extremely simple first version/prototype at the moment.  The goal is to make an app that you just cannot live without.  An app that makes you say “Excel sucks for my Diablo 3 Data! Give me something better!”

Talks have started with a iOS game development company to do the coding.  By the end of the week the Design Document and Wireframes are going to be finished and sent to the developer.  Actually they can see it live via Google Drive, which is an awesome tool for get a team on the same page. At that point we’ll know more about a time frame for coding it.

The iPhone prototype app is going to allow you to record the normal gold value, the hardcore gold value, and the US Dollar value  for each commodity you care about on the Auction House.  At least Exquisite Essence, Iridescent Tear, Fiery Brimstone, each of the pages, and each of the Tomes.  There are no plans to include commodity items!  I am specifically avoiding valuation of weapons, armor, etc.  Although unidentified items are possible (cause they don’t have tons of crazy stats yet!).

If we finish the app, and there is demand, we’re considering creating more apps or alternate versions.  Also plans to make it more robust by including Gem Market Trackers, Unidentified Market Trackers and perhaps Dye’s (if there’s really a market to make there.  Is there?).  There is even a phase 3 to the plan, which may include aggregation economic data, submitted by you, scrubbed for market manipulation, and then presented on a website.

What Diablo III Market information would like to track in a database?  What HAS to be in there?  What HAS to be left out?  What causes you pain when dealing with the D3 Auction house?  What do you hate about it?

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