Status update

My experience of job hunting has been true to the old adage “Finding work is a full time job.”  My dream of game design does not seem to be turning into a career in game design.  But you know what, that’s not a terrible thing.  Perhaps ‘hobby game design’ would be better for me.  Or maybe even just ‘gamer with inside knowledge’.  Besides Financial Services pays way better and helping people with their financial troubles is really rewarding.

So if you know anyone looking for a Fund Accountant, Credit Analyst, Underwriter, of Customer Service Representative let me know.  Actually I’ll take just about anything entry level in financial services at this point. Probably not sales (unless it has salary plus commission).  Got to update my worker bee resume on the Zorts page.
At some point I do want to have enough time to be able to blog more.  Thank you all for hanging with me (all 30 of you).  And my G+ followers (of which there seem to be many more).

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