Great Gaming podcasts

The new job is eating up all my spare time!  But I’m in Kendall square, which is nice.  It’s taking me an hour and a half to go 5.5 miles on public transportation.  Parking a car in Kendall is simply out of the question due to the expense.  On the other hand I have plenty of time to listen to fantastic podcasts on the commute.  Here are few great gaming podcasts which you may or many not be paying attention to.

Core Elements
Hosted by the awesome Wes Wilson and cranky Spencer Williams.
Great indie game designers talk about the games they are playing, the games they build and the industry they love.  Hosted by Wes Wilson, and snarky Spencer Williams and plagued, absolutely plagued, with technical difficulties, this show is worth listening to because of the up and coming game designers who seem to find their way onto the podcast just before and sometimes just after they really blow up (Johnathan Blow, Team Meat, Robot Entertainment).  A great, down to earth and gritty podcast that talks about the real game design world.

Bring Your Own Topic (BYOT)
Hosted by the editor of GamesBeat, a VentureBeat sub, Dan “Shoe” Hsu.
Joined by three more guests the host makes them play trivia games related to games, and discuss current and past gaming.  This podcast is only on episode three, and if you like 8 bit games, definitely check it out.  As that’s not my thing I skipped the third episode, but I’m definitely looking forward to finding out how things go with this podcast.

The Indoor Kids
Hosted by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, whom I believe are married.
This is an amazingly intelligent, funny and fun podcast about being a Gamer hosted by stand up comics.  Not necessarily about building games, but definitely about producing great work (namely stand up) and about loving the gaming life.  I have no idea how it could take me 62 episodes to find this awesome podcast.

The Vox of Gaming
Hosted by Bebop Vox, a world traveling american military member.
Bebop has great energy and is always doing something crazy with heelies, swords, or furnature.  Sometimes his delivery can be a bit flat when reading from the cue cards, but well worth his antics on screen.  He started vlogging with Minecraft and has branched out into various titles.  On his channel you can also check out tons of let’s play videos, usually with much hilarity.

I would love to find more podcasts to listen to.  So what gaming related podcasts are you into?

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