2 things we can learn from Dysis

Dysis is an interesting game.  The kickstarter video could use a little more polish, and the project overall doesn’t motivate me to want to contribute.  But I noticed two interesting things.  The Minecraft business model continues to be used by new game development projects.  And small dollar goals.

Christopher Farrell is basically asking for people to pay for software and counting that as a success.  This is a very reasonable request for a professional with a day job trying to create a game in his spare time.  The stretch goals, and all money above the $5000 base are going to flesh out the software and get poured into the game.  This kickstarter is well designed for the creators situation.  Indiegames.com picked up on the story last week.

As of 1:11 today the kickstarter is successfully funded, with 18 more days to go.  They are closing in on 3x the amount asked for.  Things are looking good for games of this type, like Scrumbleship.  Has anyone else noticed many Space games out there lately?  Seems like Space is the new Zombie.

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