Curiosity killed the Cow.

Peter Molyneux’s game(?) app called “Curiosity: What’s inside the Cube?” has launched.  And people are clicking on it.  Kind of like Cow Clicker.  But without the satire.  The app itself is free.  And there are in game tools (?) which can be purchased to help the player (?) click more effectively.  These items are purchased with the coins earned for clicking on pixels.

Sorry for all the (?)…  But the very meaning of things like’game’ and ‘player’ are completely open to interpretation in Curiosity.  At this point I’ve earned around 10,000 coins by clicking for around 10 minutes.  It does start to feel like strategy emerges after a while.  There is emergent gameplay in just about all things, and Curiosity is no exception.
One thought stays in the back of my mind though.  With 68,719,476,736 cubelets is Curiosity the worlds largest progress bar?

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