Paper prototyping… At work

My new day job is going well.  I’m really enjoying being in the operations side of Financial Services.  Six months in sales has taught me that I am not a sales guy.  Call volume was slow for my first two weeks, so I’ve had some time to paper prototype a card game.  Entrepreneurs always say you have to quit your day job, but there might be a case for not doing that under specific circumstances.  The game is intended to be an HTML5 online CCG.

Online CCG’s are surprisingly fun, although there’s room for improvement.  And I say that as a former M:tG pro tour hopeful.  I’ve been playing Clash of the Dragons on Kongregate.  The single player game seems like a bit of a grind, but if you want to draft you have to endure it or spend money.  I think the intent is to have a big PVP focus, but like most MMO’s, I’m just playing the single player campaign.  There seems to be some needless complexity in terms of having a game world, player stats, and inventory.  After playing four or five other Kongregate card games, Clash is the best of the bunch in my opinion.

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