Mr Ghost may be the best ARG ever.

There’s kind of a good sized industry out there for ghost hunting. My guilty pleasure was watching Ghost Hunters. The show was enjoyable, I admit it. Having some small amount of training in Electric Circuits, I’ve always wondered if those EMF things really worked. Apparently there’s an app for that.

Take a look at Mr Ghost. Aaron Rasmussen is the co-founder of Harcos Labs. Gamers will know their product well. Harco’s Labs has been an affiliate of this blog because of their awesome Health and Mana Potions energy drinks. They are really good at blurring gaming and reality in a fun way. The labs are always tinkering with something; Nerf Guns, Zombie Blood, all kinds of things. In this case they have created an app and antenna to detect electromagnetic fields.

Whatever you may think about whether or not ghost hunting works, this is kinda neat. What if you view the entire ghost hunting industry as a giant Alternate Reality Game. Does that allow you to suspend disbelief and enjoy the idea?  It does for me, but then I’ve LARPed. With foam swords. In the woods. With bears.

Comment below with your thoughts on Mr Ghost, Ghost Hunters, and ARG’s.

+Mike Rugnetta Here’s an idea. Mr. Ghost may be the best Alternate Reality Game ever.

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