Violence is a game design cliche.

Starting a game development company during times when the industry is being accused of selling violence to minors may seem like a silly idea.  Despite all the hype, ‘we’ already know the answer.  There is no correlation between video games and real world violence.  By ‘we’ I mean ‘our industries lobby’ the Entertainment Software Association.

That being said try and make a game that is not about violence.  At this point it is simply more creative to make a game that is not about guns, violence, and killing then it is to go back to those tired tropes yet again.  Of the few hundred games released in 2012 how many were first person shooters, or based on killing things?  All of the ones I played…  Xcom, Orcs Must Die 2, Torchlight 2.

“Normality is a lack of creativity”.  FPS is pretty well done these days.  Lets demonstrate some creativity and come up with games that don’t rely so heavily on violence to solve problems.

A Fieldrunners 2 key found its way into my possession about a week ago.  So after writing a post about creating fewer violent video games, it’s time to go shoot some clones with turrets.

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