New Office

Today Dormouse Games moves into Intrepid Labs.  We have an office!  Intrepid Labs is a fantastic co-working space which houses some of our closest friends and mentors in the game design world.  The Tap Lab has been there for a while, and suggested we look into getting a desk there.  Owlchemy Labs moved in recently.  Some ex Zynga Boston folks (who I haven’t met yet) are there.  And a few other companies are starting soon as well.

We’re also releasing our first game…  Well it’s like our first 1/2 game.  Check out Impasse: The Impossible Platformer.  Basically little more then a tech demo, testing HTML5 functionality, with a couple very simple sharing systems Eric built from scratch.  It’s my first game design up on the web.  Eric did the development.  The concept took about 10 minutes to come up with.  The Game Design Document 2 hours to write, and it took Eric about three weeks to put together while he was doing other stuff (founding a company).

I want to polish Impasse, but the company needs to get down to work.  Some better art at some point would be great.  But for a quick and dirty first hit, I think it came out pretty well.  Please take a moment to play the game.  The game plays in about 4 minutes or less, so if you don’t like it at the very least it wont take up much of your time.  😉

Extra special big Thanks! to Dave Bisceliga for playing photographer.

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