90% complete is done.

It’s really tempting, when making games as a hobby, to think that you can lavish time and attention on a design document, or the ‘perfect coding’ or the perfect art.  But that idea is a trap.  Anyone who has had an investor or built an operating budget for a company knows that even the smallest indie developer needs to be producing something.  Revenue has to come in.  If it doesn’t you can’t pay for food, desks, or development of your ideas.

Guy Kawasaki’s book “Rules for Revolutionaries” was required reading at BU, and definitely worth the time to read (it’s short).  Even if you have no great love of Apple Computers you can find advice to help you get your project done.  An incomplete project is simply a pile of ideas.  You cannot pay rent with ideas.  This book can help you turn ideas into revenue faster (assuming you have a well thought out idea to begin with).

The two rules that have stuck with me the longest, which have direct impact on game development “Don’t worry, be crappy” And “Churn, Baby, Churn”.  If you want to find out what that means, definitely pick up the book.  If your company is just barely getting by, it might be time to rethink your devotion to ‘perfection’ and try these two rules.

Some people might think means you are ‘just in it for the money’, but those people have never had employees wages to pay.  Nor understand the heavy responsibility of taking investment to make a company.  Any company, every company, runs ‘for the money’. Every indie developer wants to get money, but rarely because of greed.  They don’t have a choice, they have employees to pay.  But that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice passion.  Quite the opposite, it requires passionate Revolution.

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