Great board games.

TempleCon was amazing!  On the ride back home from Warwick to Boston all we could talk about was going back next year.  Considering that this conversation took place immediately after a 6 hour game of Arkham Horror, that’s high praise indeed.  If you live in the New England area, definitely attempt to make it next year.

We spent the majority of our time in the Board Game room.  Played Carcassonne, Small World, Lords of Waterdeep and Arkham Horror.  Lords of Waterdeep is an amazing game.  I loved it, and reviewed it.  It is based on a D&D game world, but that does not get in the way of a great European Resource style board game.  Even folks who know nothing about D&D (such as my wife) love the game.  But then she’s a sucker for a good resource game mechanic.

The Pro’s and Con’s of resource game design on The Game Design Round Table Episode 2.

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