Busiest Week Ever

March is a super busy month for game developers on the East Coast.  There is no end to the parties, events, and talks being held.  The week before gets busy because there is a captive audience.  Game developers from all over the eastern sea board, and some from CA (Such as the creators of PAX themselves) meet, greet, and hang out before during and after PAX East.

So here’s the Line UP for the week Before PAX.

3/19/2013 Xconomy Forum: Mobile Madness 2013—The Next Revolution
Technically a discussion by and for all things Mobile, the number of mobile game developers attending is rather large.  Tickets are still available  but Dormouse Games is skipping this one for sanity reasons.  And so I don’t get fired from my Day Job.

3/20/2013 HTML5 Game Development Monthly Meetup
This will be my and Dormouse Games first trip to an HTML 5 Game Dev event.  Have no idea what to expect, other than close proximity to BCEC may cause overflow of attendance.

3/21/2013 PAX East “Made in MA” Party 2013
After having volunteered last year for Made in MA at Pax, I’m up for helping out again and hitting this party. It would be awesome to see Dormouse Games on the banner for next year…  But we need a produced title first.

3/22/2013 PAX EAST Day 1
There must be some kind of party going on after PAX.  But PAX itself is enough for me to have to take the day off.  So exciting.  Cannot wait.

3/23/2013 Day 2
Yes I got a three day pass before they sold out.

3/24/2013 Day 3
No I will not sell it to you.

So that’s my current Itinerary for the week after next.  Hopefully we’ll have some good news about the game.  Things are rapidly coming together, and surprisingly enough we are still on schedule.  That shall soon change.

What are you up to for PAX East?  Attending any great partied?

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