3 great GDC Vault talks.

Or why I am a Luke Muscat fanboy.

The more I learn about Half Brick’s Luke Muscat, the more I like.  The company made some really great games.  Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joy Ride in case you’ve been living under a rock.  They were super friendly at Pax East 2012, their booth was directly across from The Tap Lab, where I spent most of that Pax.  Instead of this just being a blog post of flattery, lets get to the part about why you should care.

Luke gives some amazing talks at GDC.  Although we can’t afford the ticket price to go, the GDC Vault has been kind enough to post them for us.  They are great Post Mortem style presentations on what went well with Fruit Ninja and Jet Pack.  They are well worth the time to watch.

Another really great GDC Vault topic is the discussion of ‘intro levels‘ (Tutorial shall never be used here!) by PopCap Games George Fan.  We’ve already discussed why I don’t like the word ‘marketing‘ when getting the word out about games.  But I also don’t like tutorials thanks to George Fan.  George, Steam Scouts: On Track is a better game because of your GDC talk.

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