Blog post meta blog post.

The Dormouse Games website is looking a lot more professional these days.  The blog aspect is basically going to be my domain.  We’re going to be posting information specifically about the games we’re making the and thought process that will go into them.

This blog is going to stay active.  The tone here will more personal, rather than business related.  Talking about events I go to, talks I like, etc.  But there might be some crossover.  So if you enjoy the stuff I post here, follow the blog at Dormouse Games as well!  Just in case.  Wouldn’t want to miss anything, right?

For the company website I rewrote some concepts and ideas about Paper Prototyping because we used it recently.  You may see some revisions and changes in thinking.  This represents the things that I am learning through the process of starting company and applying all the lovely theory.

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