Domain name issues…

Look at that traffic pick back up!  So apparently when you have a working URL people can actually see your blog.  Look at me learning how the internets work.  Although I haven’t been able to login to my domain registrar yet and solve the current issue, it’s most likely a simple lack of payment.

Now is a good opportunity to raises a question, is really me anymore?  Zorts or Zombie Real Time Strategy is neither a successful project, nor part of my identity anymore.  It’s not even on my old business cards let alone my Dormouse Games business cards.  If not Zorts then what?  Jspringfield211 is still available by virtue of being a terrible brand.  But it is my twitter handle.  So there’s that… might be a valid thing to try.  Squat on my own companies alternative URL.  But ultimately won’t that suffer the same issues as  My identity will change and grow, my URL static despite the best efforts of DNS.  This feels like picking a tattoo, for my forehead.

I have a (forced) opportunity to change my url to something that fits me better now.  Unfortunately I’m terrible at naming things.  Help me pick a new URL.  If you haven’t yet read some of my blog posts (if you’re new here) and tell me what works for my identity.  Group brainstorm: go!

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