Steam Scouts: On Track Open Beta

Steam Scouts: On Track is in Open Beta.  Click here and go play it!  We’re still polishing, and tweaking so the game can change at any time.  The basic mechanics are in.  The art is (mostly) done.  We’re collecting feedback and making changes.

On Track is a really simple 2d puzzle game in HTML 5.  Which means that most folks should be able to play it.  Keep in mind that we don’t have touch controls on the web version.  We’re planning on moving to Android and iOS, which will allow for touch control on a phone.  As well as looking appropriate.

What you see in open beta was constructed by 1 full time programmer, 1 game designer (Me, part time), 1 contract graphic artist (Emily Lubanko), and 1 contract composer working from Jan 1st 2013 till June 1st 2013.  Less than 6 months.  On one hand its an amazing amount of work and polish to get to this point.  On the other hand the game looks like much more time was spent creating it.

The feedback from strangers has been positive.  At the moment we want to figure out if people would like physical merit badges as rewards for the game.  As it’s a game about a scouting organization it seems only fair that we reward players with badges.

We’ll be posting it around Reddit to gather feedback, and I’ll update them here.
Chrome Webstore
6/3/2013 /r/playmygame
6/5/2013 /r/webgames

Please do us a huge favor, tell people.  Spread around a few tweets.  Share these pages.  Click Like on Facebook and Reddit.  But also engage with us.  Post a review, ask a question.  Challenge us.  We really appreciate it.  Thank you.

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