The technoir tale of Gunpoint is amazing.  The game itself reminds me of the technology, film noir crossover of Automata by Penny Arcade.  It takes about 3 hours to play through.  Quick to learn and fast paced.  You’ll be rewiring lights, and doors in no time flat playing as Richard Conway Professional Spy, Amateur Electrician, Weaponised Jerk.  You can prepare detailed plans of cause and effect tweaked to your hearts content.  Inevitably there are two results.

1.) Success.  The result of that perfect plan makes you feel amazing!  It worked!  Triggering the over head light caused the guard to click the light switch shocking his nearby friend into submission!  All without being seen?!  It feels amazing.

2.) Spectacular failure resulting in your death.  After an almost well timed jump Conway lands at the feet of the guard you were aiming at.  The guard unceremoniously shoots your character dead.  You spend the next two minutes laughing and then try it again.  It still feels amazing!

The mission setups are humorous and worth reading.  A little taste of interactive fiction thrown in for good measure.  Yes the plot is weird, twisty and in the end…  Well let’s not spoil anything.  But it’s quick, and funny and well worth the time.  It’s tempting to spend some time with the level editor, but after playing straight through, it’s time for a break.

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