I accidentally a…

So I accidentally made a card game prototype recently.  My assigned task was to work on the GDD for Steam Scouts: Alchemy.  Which I did work on (GDD’s are never finished).  However, inspiration does not follow the plan.  The prototype is a castle building, tactics card game.  After playing a lot of Disruptor Beams great Game of Thrones: Ascent, the card game came to me. I wanted to play stone block cards and build castles a bit quicker.

 Although the paper prototype is a playable card game, it would make a much better electronic CCG.  The deck of cards consists of 300+ cards for two players which are sorted into four piles.  In today’s environment of Dominion and Ascension a 300 card count boxed card game is not very daunting.  But for two players who want a quick game…  That’s a lot of logistical issues.

An encounter with Joshua AC Newman inspired me to give it away and see what happens.  The Card list and rules will be free, but you have to actually hand make your own cards (no mass production please).  I’m going to slowly pursue testing, feedback, and later stages of game development.  The goal is to enjoy the process of creating, testing, and releasing a card game.  This is really my attempt to test the ideas which Amanda Palmer so frequently espouses, and for which Josh  is also extremely enthusiastic.  For me it’s an attempt to unlearn my business degree, and rebuild it.  Call it an experiment in deprogramming.  I’m going to make a thing, put my heart and soul into it (enjoy every minute of its creation for its own sake) and then set it loose in the world and see what happens.

This game is being created for fun, the point of which is the process more than the product.  While this game shouldn’t take off the learning has been valuable and enjoyable.  It will be a hobby and a labor of love.  If I get a few people that want to play a couple rounds with me, it will be a success.  Maybe it will take off.  Maybe I can make a full art electronic version.  Maybe even a boxed card version.  If people really like it, who knows?

What would it feel like to sit down at a table at Pax East and play a couple rounds with complete strangers?  Playing my own card game… At a convention.  Positive or negative feedback, that would feel awesome.  But doubly so if people were passionate about it.

One bit of the game design that I really need your help with is naming the game.  What should I call it?

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