5 great Podcasts for gamers.

There are some amazing game design related podcasts.  I’m always searching for more however.  If you have suggestions send them my way.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Additionally check out 198+ Game Design Resources (non of which are podcasts), I checked all the links they still work.

The Game Design Round Table
In which we find that Jon Schafer hates another kind of game, but still has interesting things to say about it.  As a generalist myself, the habits of specialists sometimes confound me, but are usually extremely useful to listen to.

Three Moves Ahead
As this podcast is also specifically about strategy games it can blur the lines between TGDRT occasionally.  Lately its been a deep dive into some very complex strategy games.  A little daunting for the new comer, but very interesting.  Frequently hosted by Rob Zacney a prolific Boston Local!

Core Elements Podcast
Wes and Spencer seem to be able to interview folks just before they do something that catches fire.  Or possibly just between making something and it getting really big.  They have a pretty amazing assortment of interviews and the older episodes are well worth checking out.  There aren’t so many episodes that going back through them is a chore.

PBS Idea Channel
Although not strictly a podcast and not really about game design this is still a must watch.  There are so many game culture related topics and discussions you have to check it out.  The episodes which are not about games are absolutely amazing as well.  Well worth your time.  The link takes you to the list of episodes specifically about games.  There’s some great theory in there.

Shut up and Sit Down
A review show about Board Games…  I think.  I’m not sure.  There’s a vlog, and a blog, and a podcast.  They talk about board games, terrible and awesome.  Board games which are neither terrible nor awesome. It’s all very entertaining.  There are some pretty deep dives in to the rules and merit of each game.  Bordering on a mechanics discussion.  If you want to stay informed about what’s out, and what’s fun in the board game world, check it out.  Who doesn’t want to know what is going on with amazing board games?!

The Nerdist
Hit or miss for me personally regarding the topics of game design. Sometimes their content is really awesome, but mostly it’s just ok.  Check out their interview, or rather interviews, with Gabe Newell about Valve and Games.  The rest of the podcast is ok, generally about stand up and geekdom.  Which is a compelling crossover.  It’s just tough to sift through a ton of material about a topic which is not terribly helpful to the pursuit of game design.

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