TempleCon 2014

TempleCon is this weekend! We’re mostly going to spend our time in the board game room playing all the free board games we can get our grubby little hands on. If we’re not shopping or going to the show, we’ll be playing all those giant expensive board games we’re not sure about buying. Just drooling over the best of the bunch. Over the past few months a list has been forming of ‘must play’ games while we’re there. Click more to see the list!

These are mostly inspired by the Shut Up and Sit Down podcast and reviews. We’re probably also going to squeeze in a game of Lords of Waterdeep, with the expansion, simply because it’s a favorite.

7 wonders
Actually I already played this one once. Looking forward to playing it again.

This looks gorgeous.

Terra Mystica
Area control, town building, fantasy hex board game. Sounds tough, but also fascinating.

Betrayal at house on the hill
Played once. Enjoyed by my wife quite a lot.

Android; Netrunner
Heard many good things about this game. Better to make random decks together and not try and play competitive tournament style.

Resistance, Resistance Avalon
A board game with no board and lots of arguing. Sound like Larp.

Race for the Galaxy? (Maybe)
Big complicated deck building game?  Sure, maybe.

Mice and Mystics
Another game with lots of good things ciculating around it. Still havent seen a review, *cough* Quinns. *cough*

Hmm, tactical abstract arena combat. Could be something there.

Considering that my wife and closest friends will be there with me, we really should take advantage of some cooperative multiple player board games. Hmm. Need to add those to the list. What should I add to the list?

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