The bravest person I know.

Take a moment and read this article. It barely hints at the terrible treatment that people can inflict when you get your game on Steam Greenlight… if you happen to be female. Through facebook I saw a little bit more of what this struggle was really like and I do not know 1/10th of what actually happened. If you want to know the bravest person, check out Zoe Quinn and Depression Quest. You can play the game for free on the website. If it impacts you emotionally, purchase the game and support what she’s trying to accomplish. Alternately be her patron.

And now Game_Jam. Just another mountain of shit on someone who does not need it. They tried to hold a $400,000 game jam and record it. And one man ruined it all.

And now she’s upgraded herself into a cyborg. With a giant fucking needle. Yeah. Super brave! I’m just gonna go and do my socially unacceptable larp stuff in obscurity, because I am not that awesome.

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