How to build a hybrid boffer weapon.

If you’ve had a few years of experience building boffer weapons, you may be considering the construction of ultra light weapons. The machinery needed to make really good eva/camp pad weapons is a bit daunting. Fortunately there’s a middle step which produces durable, functional boffer weapons with a camp pad twist.

Here is the first hybrid boffer I built. It was made way back in 2002 or 2003 so it’s a ten year old weapon. It has held up beautifully with only a single re-blade. There is a slight color change between the old duct tape on the axe head and the new duct tape on the weapon handle. The striking surface is the same pipe insulation used for a sword blade. Instead of open cell foam ax head, there are two layers of camp pad cemented together to create the axe head. In my opinion it looks and performs far better than a giant poof ball of open cell foam.

The steps involved are very similar to a regular Boffer Weapon. Just stop at Step 4 Strap the Blade. Follow these steps, and then complete the remainder of the steps in the Boffer Weapon guide.

Rough cut the foam

DAP the foam

Smooth the foam

You may be able to tell that the axe head has changed. I foolishly DAPed this axe head before taking pictures. This one has a more interesting shape. Unfortunately a lot of these little details get covered when the strapping tape and duct tape are applied. The smooth edges are made with a rotary tool. Once you start making full latex weapons, those details before very important. Better to practice them now.

DAP the axe head

Unfortunately at the moment I don’t have any pvc to DAP the axe head to. More pictures will be added once PVC is acquired. Apply DAP to the edge where the axe head attaches to the pole. DAP the PVC as well.

Strap the axe head

Thoroughly strap the axe head to the pvc as well. Pay close attention to the corners where the foam meets the PVC, these areas will get the most force in combat and will need an extra layer of strapping tape to prevent the foam from shearing off. Much like the construction of the guards on swords.

Strap the axe blade

Just like adding a striking surface to a sword, add a piece of foam to the axe head. This will keep the striking surface consistent with other boffer weapons. And it will also keep the weapon from fitting into small painful areas, like eye sockets. Strap the blade to the axe head like you would a sword blade. Then procede to Step 4 of 10 Steps to Weapon Construction.
Show me your ideas for hybrid boffer weapons. Send me a tweet. Post comments below. Or check out the FB group for our practice, and post a pic there.

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