TempleCon 2015

TempleCon 2015 was a blast. I really had a great time. It didn’t turn out at all like I expected, but it was fun. Sometimes you just have to abandon the plan and have a good time. [WIP]

During the year a list of suggestions gets made of fun board games to play. This list comes from reviews and podcasts. Most of my hot tips on games come from Shutup and Sit Down, The Game Design Round Table, and The Secret Cabal. The 2014/2015 list of games to try:

Sheriff of Nottingham
Android Netrunner
Among the stars
Terra Mystica
Chaos in the Old World
Dominant Species
Blood bowl team manager
Five tribes
War hammer 40k lcg Conquest
Dead of Winter(?) Maybe. Might be too popular.
Kingdom Builder

What actually got played? Well, not anything near what was planned.
Thursday Night:
A panel with Gooder Games about making board games.
Galaxy truckers
Boss monster
Race for the Galaxy
Small World Realms
Level 7 escape 
Android Netrunner 
Five Tribes and Camel Up are the two games which should have gotten played. My wife and I are big fans of worker placement games, especially with cute animeeples. She got to play Pandemic Contagion and loved it.

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