Editing a larp.

One of the most difficult things to do is write a larp. It’s a challenge because there are so many assumptions and biases that we write into our rules sets which we can’t see or assume aren’t there. Writing and editing your own work can be frustrating. Editing someone else’s content can help point out flaws, errors, and omissions in your own. It’s a good way to train your brain to find the missing pieces of your own larp system. Instead of pointing to my own work on the 4x larp today I want to highlight work someone else is doing. Pointing out those gaps, providing suggestions, and tips has been really fun.

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Over the past few months a redditor has asked for some help writing a set of larp rules. They have some interesting ideas, and some great notes. The rough draft of the concept is up via google docs. It was read only so I grabbed a copy, and posted some corrections, notes and comments. Anyone with this link can comment on the suggestion document (the original is backed up and safe) and help the author clarify, correct and polish the game concept. I definitely encourage you to take a look and see both documents. 
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The process of writing the rules of larp is all about clearly stating that which you assumed you already stated. Having other people read your work is crucial to the process. Combat Larp rules are never written in a vacuum. It is always written for a group, by a group. It takes time, effort, and input from all kinds of sources to prepare, polish, and publish a good set of larp rules. Granted if you want to create crappy rules you can toil away, alone, and never let anyone else see your work. But where’s the fun in that?
Reading game rules from some system established 40 years ago is painful, and boring. What creative and interesting solutions can we use to fill the gaps of the established traditions and systems of the past. I would love to showcase other peoples work on their games on the blog and help them craft the game that’s perfect for their community. If you have a set of rules for a combat larp, I would be happy to help find that missing piece, that rule that’s lacking, or clear up that frustrating language. Let’s get you some help writing and editing your game system.
Tweet me a link to your game, leave a comment on Google +, or post a link below to your blog/website/google doc. I’ll even work with things that aren’t run by google! 😉 Let’s all make better games!

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