A small collection of 2 page RPG’s.

With indie games on the rise, there are so many creative resources out there right now. Imagine playing a game which produces content for another game. Generating worlds was something that I always found to be wonderfully fun, capturing that feeling at the table is amazing. Microscope Explorer, Dawn of Worlds and a few other games do just that. Additionally 2 page games have been very inspiring. These rules sets are one to two pages long (sometimes three). They are usually short on rules and long on creative storytelling. They’ve given me all kinds of ideas and inspiration for larp. Here is a small collection of 2 page Table Top RPG‘s.

All Things Truly Wicked is a creepy game set in a very different very dark kind of role playing world. About childhood and fear, and maybe even those things which help combat that fear, grab this game if you want to spend some time afraid of the dark.

Lasers and Feelings is a trip through a Trek like Sci Fi future. The game has one stat expressed as a range of skill between being good at lasers and being good at feelings. Using this single stat and a ship of the players devising, set out to explore distant regions of space.

Brightmore Academy of Magic should be your first stop if playing students at Academies of Magic seems like the setting for you. Make sure to click through the twitter link to get all the pages of the manual, twitter and Pinterest were not working well together.

It is worth reading The Union of Magical Child Care Professionals even if playing a Magical Child Care Professional is not something you might find interesting. The presentation of the game rules as an acceptance letter is quite good. Of course should you want to take up such a wonderful and magical profession, then I applaud you.

My favorite by far is Sword and Backpack because it combines the two concepts mentioned earlier. It’s a micro RPG, that produces content. As the Rothbard and Gazpus Almanac System is played using moleskin notebooks, game play results in a physical object that recounts the adventures played. So many hours have been spent role playing in fantasy worlds, and unless someone happens to be a publishing the adventure, players have nothing but a character sheet to show for it. This game gives you an experience and a memento.

The upcoming Boston Dungeon Bar Crawl provides an excellent venue to play Spellbook. This is the second game in the Rothbard and Gazpus’s Almanac System and focus on the creation of spells and a spellbook. By making a variant of the game about the creation of larp spells this could be a good way to spend some creative time with anyone more interested in the camaraderie than combat.

I’m so inspired by the 2 page rule book that I want to do the same thing for larp. There is nothing preventing a hit location larp from being condensed to two pages. I’ve already been working on The Hit Location Handbook, and the 4x larp, it’s just a bit more editing to get down to two pages. It seems like a better idea to generate some interest with a two page version, and then expand the rules system as the player count grows.

P.S. If any of the authors would like me to leave a link to their Patreon or donation site, please contact me and I will add them. I look but was unable to find any.

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