What can larp be like?

My goal here is to do something that probably won’t work too well. I am attempting to express what a certain style of larp can be like, in a first person story. Imagine yourself, armed and armored. Cell phone far away and forgotten, the trappings of the modern world left behind with it. You find yourself with your friends in an open field, tense but ready…

You stand, side by side with your trained brothers and sisters. The shadow of the spear-maidens weapons casting on your shoulders and falling on the green grass in front of you. The banner you fight for stands above the group, proudly displaying the heraldry of a year old house. Across an expanse of green grass in five directions are five other houses. All older and more experienced.

Five banners that warn of the dangers that lie ahead.  One other house would be dangerous, but six houses together causes even the experienced warriors to visibly tense. Everyone beside you stands ready, sword drawn and shield close, under strict orders not to be first to assault. The house leader is right, anyone first onto that field will be the first to fall.

In the center of the field stands a table, and on the table a map. Your general stands next to the table, talking with the other lords of the land. They have gathered to redraw the boundaries on the map. You remember the past year fondly, it brought success. Your general will be showing where this house has carved out its own, new borders. Warriors now standing at your left and right, holding spears towards the enemy, were also in those battles, fighting by your side. Your minds eye recounts some of the countless attacks you  blocked for them and some they took for you. Each protecting the other when hurt or en-spelled by the enemy.

As you think about how your comrades would charge with you onto that battlefield, a cheer or shriek echos from a mass across the field. Sudden noise snaps your head up and shakes away the unfocused thoughts which the suns heat had lulled you into. An angry red banner leaps onto the field. The charge turns in the direction of your banner, and time seems to slow as spear shafts dip down over your shoulder to protect you. You lift your shield and set to receive the charge…

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