2016 Season

The 2015 Larp season is wrapping up, in New England at least. Unless you are part of a good sized game you are probably packing up the game for the year. It’s time to reblade the swords, repair the armor, and make new weapons. Some larps may be holding a feast hear or there, but the questing has wrapped up during the cold and snow.

Of course big “Thank You’s” are in order for anyone who attended practice this year. I really love all aspects of combat boffer larp. Even practice. I really look forward to practices each week, and appreciate that players take time out of, often, ridiculously busy schedules to show up to practice.

There were a couple new players who made it to the last practice of the year. They heard about practice at The Dungeon Bar Crawl, and it was exciting to see them make it out. A little unfortunate that they could only make the last practice, but that’s how it works out some times. But it’s looking like they are excited to come back next year.

There has been some interest from the Framingham Community in starting a larp practice. For the 2016 season it would be good to have weapons built and basics learned. I have submitted a three class proposal to The Framingham MakerSpace. One for weapon build, one for shield build and one for basic rules. With a couple basics taken care of we can start a regular practice next season.

The 2016 is looking like it will be a great season. If you live near Arlington, MA or Framingham, MA come join the fun!

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