I will teach you Boffer.

People keep asking me “What larp are you in?” The answer is odd. Although hosting regular practice, I’m not really in any larp at the moment. Or maybe any larp. This probably sounds silly to most larpers. Why would you practice if you aren’t going to a game. I actually really like practice. And Framingham, Ma is the kind of town that could use a boffer game. Practice is actually a lot of fun outside of a larp system. Especially for the kinds of players who are looking for more action than role playing. Growing a community of folks interested in this fun hobby is a reward all it’s own. So below the jump you’ll find all the information about how you can learn to boffer larp.

There are two practices. On the first Sunday of each month we meet at Menotomy Rocks Park in Arlington Ma. To join head on over the our groups FB page and let us know you’re coming. We’ll have extra gear for you to use. On the third Sunday of each month we meet at Farm Pond Park in Framingham Ma.

A mix of newbies and experienced players practice hit location combat with safe padded boffer weapons using a solid hit system (not lightest touch). The gear is hand made with years of experience building safe affordable weapons. There are always plenty of loaner weapons and a few shields to borrow. No need for garb or armor, but feel free if you would like. If you would like to build weapons let the practice organizer know. The Framingham MakerSpace occasionally offers classes on weapon, shield, and armor construction. If you want DIY instruction that can be arranged.

On your first day, we teach you the basics. How to hit, and how to take a hit with a one handed sword. We drill a little bit each practice to get better at targeting our strikes safely. As you get better over time you can begin to learn more interesting weapons. Long swords, sword and shield, ranged weapons (bows and javelins). As the community grows we can start running more challenging games which require tactics and strategy. 

Why boffer? Most larps use latex weapons. Latex weapons are great, for larps. As latex looks much better than boffer they help tell a compelling story. But they are expensive. As we practice a battle game we want to keep the game open to as many players as possible. Including people who cannot afford costly latex weapons. We actively welcome gamers, makers, and artists who have seen larp, but can’t really afford the high cost of gear and might be more interested in a heavy combat but lighter role play experience.

Why identify as ‘battle game’ instead of larp? Role playing is great. Larps are a ton of fun. And there are lots of great larps in the New England area. If you want a super in depth RP experience there are plenty of high quality games to participate in. But what if you’re more interested in getting some exciting, heart pounding action? What if you have some stress from the week that you need to vent? Battlegames have role playing, but they focus on the action. And sometimes you just want to hit your friends with foam.

Come to practice and learn how to hit your friends with foam weapons!

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