Starting The Voyage North

Stage: Planning
Days: 454(ish)

While attending the New England LARP Conference (NELCO), I was able to see Claus Raasted presentation on Larp Tourism. Simply put larp tourism is traveling to another country to attend a larp you wouldn’t normally go it, using your vacation dollars. This actually changes the mindset of the amount someone is willing to spend. Spending a few thousand dollars on a vacation is much more reasonable then the idea of spending a few thousand dollars to attend one larp event. Spending a few thousand dollars for room, board and battles on a grand scale seems really reasonable.

The idea of a larp vacation stuck with me. In planning my 2017 vacation, I decided not to pass up the chance to travel to another country and larp in a different language (Ok, it’s Quebec and lots of people speak some English). Although conceptually College of Wizardry or Convention of Thorns are great ideas, teenage wizards and angsty vampires aren’t really my preferred genres. Hit location combat in a low fantasy world? That’s my jam and Bicolline is a week plus of it. Trying to explain what the game is like really would not do it justice. Check out some videos.

The Voyage North is a good idea. A pool of people from the U.S. travel together to attend Bicolline. You pay an amount to and the logistics are taken care of. That amount is based on the level of accommodations you want, the garb and gear you have, and the travel to the location. Room and board for a week plus, as well as garb and combat. It will be amazing.

So how do you get started on The Voyage North? First start to fill out an application, and get distracted by the trailer, and the pictures. actually that’s just me. I keep getting distracted by the awesome! Non ADHD people should be able to fill out the application easily and without distraction. Then they conduct an interview online. I’ve just scheduled my interview and I’m looking forward to it. My trip to Bicolline is more than a year away and there is just a bit of excitement.

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