Continuing the Voyage

The Voyage North / Bicolline

The Voyage North does a brief interview with prospective fellow travelers. Although recently scheduling these interviews has been tough, they’ve ironed out the personnel issues and are back up and running. My interview went well and I am pumped for Bicolline 2017.

We discussed logistics, costs, benefits, living conditions. I explained my height. At 6’6″ I don’t tend to fit comfortably in a lot of places. Turns out it wont be a big deal. Tenting for 10 days to a week is sounding really good, and role play and combat an added bonus.

Oddly I keep thinking about spending my down time crafting. I’d like to bring my anvil and rivets, at the very least to keep my own gear repaired. Maybe I can sell repair services for in game currency. Time to stock up on rivets and rings. On some subconscious level Bico is like a replacement for a scouting organization. Roughing it in a tent, crafting, fire pits, camaraderie. I miss the social aspects of Scouting and of having a regular larp. I’m craving Bicolline in part to fill what scouting used to mean to me.


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