2016 Fall 3 PEL

This Post Event Letter was written for the Mythical Journeys event that took place in November 2016 in Pomfret Ct. It was my first MJ event, and this was my first PEL. This one starts off a little on the plain side, but as I write more PEL’s they continue to get more interesting.

During the new player introduction Friarsday night Gayland and Eluvian worked together effectively in combat with the undead. Eluvian seemed very interested in seeing the Professor brought to justice and was very displeased that he was never given a public trial (which is totally understandable for Logistic reasons. She might enjoy seeing what is essentially a one off NPC come back).

Upon returning to the tavern, Corvis and Perfidy provided Gayland with correct information about the undead, after ‘The Professor’ provided miss information. The players engaged with my character and helped answer more than the basics. That conversation lead to an invitation to clean up group of lesser undead the following day where Perfidy lead us as we eliminated some simple undead creatures.

After hearing Rudolf perform in the tavern, Gayland quickly recognized him as a singer he had met some months past, or perhaps last cycle, in an inn or tavern somewhere on the road between Cragsmoor and Arkenstone. He was offered a place to sleep for the night and in return Gayland offered to help Rudolf save his sister and did so in a very minor capacity. But this introduced Gayland, Nolan, and Eluvian to Rudolf and Raven.

Having bunked with Rudolf in the very last bunkhouse of Edgewood, early morning Satyrday brought a number of townsfolk out to the woods. Watching what they were up to, and overhearing a lesson on gathering, lead Gayland to finding a red flower, which looked important. Gayland and Nolan searched the forest, and only managed to get lost. After working their way to the high road by going all the way around the lake, they ended up hiding from many things on the roads which may or may not have been other towns folk. As they were never spotted it was assumed to be a success. This lead to a string of ‘sneaks’ through the woods. Some in daylight and some at night. With varying levels of success.

After learning that Raven knows about herbal matters, the red flower was turned over to her. Additional a pear was looted from a fiend (on Sunsday Morning). These were supplied to Raven in exchange for potions later. These fortunate finds have made Gayland curious to learn more about the collection of raw resources from around Elyderwood. Unfortunately he was never able to follow up with Corvis to learn more about professions.

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