Continuing the Voyage

The Voyage North / Bicolline

The Voyage North does a brief interview with prospective fellow travelers. Although recently scheduling these interviews has been tough, they’ve ironed out the personnel issues and are back up and running. My interview went well and I am pumped for Bicolline 2017. Continue reading “Continuing the Voyage”

Starting The Voyage North

Stage: Planning
Days: 454(ish)

While attending the New England LARP Conference (NELCO), I was able to see Claus Raasted presentation on Larp Tourism. Simply put larp tourism is traveling to another country to attend a larp you wouldn’t normally go it, using your vacation dollars. This actually changes the mindset of the amount someone is willing to spend. Spending a few thousand dollars on a vacation is much more reasonable then the idea of spending a few thousand dollars to attend one larp event. Spending a few thousand dollars for room, board and battles on a grand scale seems really reasonable.

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