Breaking in by walking in.

Are you breaking into the game dev industry in the Boston area?  Working hard on prototypes but not making any headway?  You need to be attending some of these events.  I’ve been to a good number of Boston Indies and Boston Post Mortem events.  This year I would like to add WIG attendance.  The networking at these events is top notch.  You can find mentors, contractors, employee’s, good advice and most importantly feedback on your game.  The topics are almost always worth learning about.  Even if the law isn’t your cup of tea.

Pick an event and go!

Boston Post Mortem, Post Mortem.

Scott K Crabtree @scottcrab discussed “Happy Game Design”.  His talk was amazing and is highly recommended!  He highlighted scientific information, studies and the like, which provide insight into building a good work environment.  Although the talk was targeted toward game developers, it’s really great information for just about any company.  It was a great presentation on the brain science of management, and working together.

During the presentation he recommended a number of books with great research to back them up.  Once I get the list from Scott, I will post them here.  So check back for that.

If you’re looking to be a better project manager, check out his work.  If you want a happier, healthier, work environment definitely check out his website,

P.S. Sorry about the URL recycling.  This information is way more interesting then what was here before, trust me.  It was a half complete blog post.